How to Share the Gospel Without Being a Jerk

by Silverio Gonzalez

Nobody likes a jerk, but so often this is the impression many Christians give when sharing the faith. There are many people who claim to follow Christ but share their faith in a way that completely contradicts Jesus’ message and manner. This happens even with well-meaning, kind-hearted, Christians. They want their friends and family to know Jesus Christ, but they fall into unhealthy patterns of sharing the faith, patterns that push people away from God rather than draw people near. I want to begin by saying that I understand. Sharing the Christian faith is hard.

Rico Tice, in his book, Honest Evangelism: How to Talk about Jesus even When It’s Tough, says, “I find evangelism hard. The problem with being an evangelist is that people assume that you find evangelism effortless; but I don’t find it easy, and never have. For me, telling people about Jesus has often been nerve wracking” (11)”

Through the years, I have had the privilege of having friends who seemed to be naturally gifted in sharing their faith. They made it look easy, but when I spoke to them, I discovered they had the same difficulties that I experienced. They had the same fears and worries. They stumbled over their words. Here are eight helpful points I learned from them…

How to Share the Gospel Without Being a Jerk