It Takes Persistence to be an Ambassador for Christ

by Sheryl Young

Ryan Crews is the first Legatus Christi recipient we are introducing our readers to this spring. The Legatus Christi Certificate is our recognition to students who are outstanding pupils of apologetics and who apply it on and off campus.

Ryan is receiving this special designation as an LC recipient for starting and leading a successful apologetics club at his university.
Glenn Smith, RC’s regional director for the state where Ryan goes to school, has mentored Ryan and says of him:

“Ryan has shown tenacity and maturity. He saw a vision for an apologetics club and worked diligently to get one started. He worked with several faculty and scholars to influence the school’s decision to allow the group. In the meanwhile, Ryan kept up with his apologetics studies, attending training in the summers and self-study year-round. He participated in a panel discussion with recognized scholars, facilitated meetings, planned the growth of the group, and responded to difficult challenges to Christianity. His ability to defend the Christian faith is well-rounded and deep. We are proud to have Ryan a recipient of the high honor of Legatus Christi.”

We spoke with Ryan about his background and his discovery of apologetics.

Q: When did you find Christ as your Savior, and how did that come about?

A: I grew up in a Christian home, so it is hard for me to say exactly when I accepted Christ as savior – my childhood was defined by steady spiritual growth, but no lightning conversion. That being said, there was certainly a catalyst that caused me to take my faith, and the intellectual defense of it, far more seriously; when I was in middle school and high school, I was surrounded by peers that did not share my faith, and sometimes outright attacked it. I had two possible courses of action to deal with the doubts that this caused: I could either give up my faith without a fight, or I could go looking for answers. I choose the latter, and my life has never been the same since…


It Takes Persistence to be an Ambassador for Christ | Ratio Christi