The reason that unanswered questions do not defeat my faith is because Christian faith is consistent with having unanswered questions. I have A LOT of unanswered questions about how a million pounds of metal and other material can cruise at 30,000 feet and reliably travel from New York to LA or wherever we need to get on planet earth. And yet I have a rational faith in my airplane to get me there despite having unanswered questions. This is because I have plenty of evidence to believe that flying is a safe mode of travel. Likewise, when it comes to my Christian faith, I have plenty of evidence for it to be a rational faith despite having unanswered questions. In fact, it would be intellectually irresponsible of me to abandon my faith in the face of the questions I have given all the evidence I see for believing that Christianity is true. — Travis Dickinson (from, The Pursuit of God: Being okay with unanswered questions)