Q & A with Dr. Craig: Loving Christ

by Reasonable Faith

Dear Dr. Craig,

I know you hear this from a lot of people, but you have had a tremendous impact on my life. Thank you for the work you have done on the rational defense of the Christian Faith and for the many resources you have produced. You’ve turned me from someone who was apathetic about Christianity, to someone who is passionately interested in Christian theology, philosophy and apologetics.

This leads me my problem. I think I could defend Christianity against most objections and present a positive case for the truth of Christianity. However, there is something missing. While I affirm all the correct doctrine and have all the arguments in order, I’m not a Christian. It seems to me, that in order to be a Christian, there is only one criteria you need to meet: you need to love Christ. If you love Christ, proper doctrine will follow. In your own journey to Christ, (correct me if I’m misconstruing this) you felt the presence of Jesus in your life first and only later did you gain the double warrant by exploring the arguments. I’ve got it completely backwards! I can argue for the propositions of Christianity, but I don’t love or know Jesus or feel His presence in my life.

You distinguish between “knowing and showing,” it seems like I can “show” but I don’t “know.” This has become especially clear to me recently when I came across what I think is the foundational question of Christianity: how do you know Christianity is true? I immediately realized that I don’t know that at all, and that the foundation of my “faith” is the arguments of reasonable faith. This is untenable, because arguments could just as easily sway me to atheism. I am, you could say, an unwilling evidentialist…

Q & A with Dr. Craig: Loving Christ