The Resurrection, An Event To Be Confident About

by Simon Foster

Has something ever happened to you, that when you tell the story to a group you are met with a series of ‘No way, that is impossible,’ or ‘I don’t believe that happened at all’. Well if there was every a story in my life that fits that criteria, its this one. I was sixteen years old on a double date at the mall. As we are strolling along enjoying our evening suddenly the mood changes as my date yells and points in the direction of another guy. “That’s my crazy boyfriend! You need to leave, I bet his friends are outside waiting on you!” We took her advice and began to run outside to my friend’s car. As we are running we notice that fifteen guys are running after us. As we are running, my friend who is a black belt in karate says to me “I have some weapons in my trunk that we can use to scare them.” Next thing I know I’m holding two swords and he’s holding nun chucks and we are swinging them franticly in the direction of our attackers teenage mutant ninja turtle style. This story ends with them running away and us driving off into the sunset. Any time I start to doubt if this crazy story ever happened I make a phone call to my dear friend Nathaniel. We laugh and we validate this story over and over again. two friends, two girls and fifteen angry guys all were there to share this ridiculous but real moment.

This is exactly how I picture the disciples as they experienced Jesus life, death and resurrection. “Did that really happen?” as they shared stories together and validated the realness of the ridiculous. The validation of them seeing the real Jesus led to them living a ridiculous life of making disciples, planting churches and facing every type of persecution including death.

Skeptics, even to this day, still want to distort this reality by using many different arguments such as… the disciples must have been hallucinating, conspiracy, body was stolen, wrong tomb, myth, swoon theory, others have resurrected (copycat story from pagan mythology), contradictory accounts, history can’t be trusted, miracles can’t happen and the list continues.

As these questions swirl around us, how will we respond?…

The Resurrection, An Event To Be Confident About