Defending YOUR Faith: Why It’s Important

by Tim Lajoie

We are expected the defend what we believe, not only to demonstrate to the world the truth of Christianity but, more importantly, to keep our faith strong. We even have a name for the discipline: apologetics. Even the scriptures record various doubts and crises of faith among the giants of the New Testament: John the Baptist, Peter, Thomas, and even Paul. These men had personal encounters with Jesus, walked with Him, talked with Him, ate with Him, yet their faith could still be rattled.

In the church today we get wrapped up in too much minutia: what color the carpet should be, what to wear, political views, etc. I think our defense of our faith, to stay truly encouraged in this tempest called life, needs to be much simpler. Apologetics is defending your faith. Polemics is confronting errors. Let’s leave that alone for now. That’s minutia…for now.  We need to choose our battles wisely. Let’s not get caught up in all of this static. I try to keep it simple. Here are the things I cling to.

Jesus Christ rose from the dead. When I say that, I mean a man who was murdered, clinically, physically, and irrefutably dead, after being buried in a sealed tomb, placed under Roman guard, and expected to stay there came alive again, by the power of God and was seen among witnesses who died rather than deny that fact. Period. I don’t believe the story of Easter is a metaphor for a “rejuvenation” of Jesus’ message because of His “martyrdom.”

All the claims of Christianity hinge on this miracle. It is the coup de grace, that divine demonstrative power over man’s greatest fear: death. It’s the one miracle that distinguishes Jesus from all of the other religious teachers…

Defending YOUR Faith: Why It’s Important