Five Tools To Help Discern Truth From Deception

by Daniel Currier

Who is not mesmerized by the magician’s “trickery”? There is death defying antics, disappearing objects and reappearing people, all based upon illusion, misdirection, sleight of hand and pure skill. Everyone says the same, “how was that done?”

Magicians are masters of deception, but they are honest too, telling you upfront they plan to trick you. They are not alone in the craft of deception. From devious charismatic religious teachers to scammers to counterfeiters, our lives are saturated with lies and half-truths. Even society’s glitter draws crowds. Wealth, power and prestige beckon us. Sports, careers and material goods can wedge us from Christ’s ways.

Misdirection on the stage of life is where the simple becomes a slave to parasites. This is a stage you stand now and the next generation will stand soon, if not already. Are we prepared with “x-ray vision” to discern the deception? As Christ’s followers, we can’t risk being simple. Especially the generation, they need to know what is true and why it is true. This takes preparation, awareness and wisdom.

3 Ways People Come to Believe Something is True

People use three main methods to determine if something is true. Knowing these methods will make you more sensitive to your beliefs. Here are the three main ways:

  1. It is true because it feels good
  2. It is true because someone says it is true
  3. It is true because of the evidence

While most would exalt the third way, many usually rely on the first two methods. Let’s look at each one…

Five Tools To Help Discern Truth From Deception