Is Jesus Superior to All Other Religious Leaders?

By Tal Davis

David, a 19-year-old Southern Baptist, was in his first year at State University. His basic studies program required that he take several electives in Humanities or Religion. He had scanned the course catalog and found a class in comparative religion, a particular interest of his, taught by the school’s most distinguished professor of religion.

The professor, a graduate of a famous Ivy League theological seminary, began the class with a statement that caught David by surprise, “We will be examining the history and beliefs of the major religious movements of the world; but let me say at the outset, we will begin with the pre-supposition that everyone of them is a legitimate expression of the cultural, social, psychological, and existential experience of its adherents. Though they may differ in external and formal statements of doctrine and practice, they all express a similar essence of the awe and mystery in life and the universe. Furthermore, we will assume that each of the founders of the religions were all, in their various ways, expressing similar and universal moral and spiritual concepts. Thus, we will assume they are all equal in their authority and revelational validity.”

David looked around his room. Was anyone else in the class as stunned by the teacher’s pronouncement as he? Apparently not, as every other student looked straight ahead, showing no sense of surprise or concern.

Unfortunately, David’s experience is a common one for college students. Often raised in Christian homes and conservative churches, they are confounded when tenets of their faith are challenged by authoritative figures such as college professors.

Thankfully, David did not take his teacher’s pronouncement as an incontrovertible fact. He decided to investigate the truth claims of the various faiths and the assertion that all their leaders were the same. After several months of study, he came to the conclusion that all religions were not equal and that Jesus Christ was and is superior to the founders of the other major religions of the world. His conclusion was based on five lines of truth…

Is Jesus Superior to All Other Religious Leaders?