The Resurrection of Jesus: Hoax or Truth?

by Sheri Bell

Why the Resurrection Matters

Christians believe the resurrection is true, and that historical accounts of it have provided adequate evidence to certify it as a real event.

Why is the resurrection so important? Because without it, our faith has no basis.

The apostle Paul suspends the weight of Christianity on this single thread: If Jesus has not been raised, then our faith is worthless; and we are to be pitied above all men (1 Corinthians 15).

Fortunately, heaps of historical evidence does support Jesus’ claim that He would beat death.

Most scholars don’t disagree that Jesus was an actual historical person crucified by the Romans. What some take issue with are the supernatural and theological implications of the resurrection. These skeptics have spent considerable time coming up with naturalistic (anti-supernatural) theories to try to explain the known facts surrounding the resurrection. Some deny the resurrection outright, by selective use of facts or redefining facts to give a misdiagnosis of the events. (By the way, if you’re unclear about the difference between Christ’s resurrection and those He raised from the dead, read this short post by Sean McDowell.)

Let’s look at just three of these alternate theories: the Apparent Death (Swoon) Theory, the Theft (Conspiracy) Theory, and the Hallucination Theory, to determine if they explain away the resurrection…


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