[Graduates], have you determined to stand strong intellectually? More than half of college professors say they regard the Bible as fable and legend. Far more professors are liberal than conservative (72% vs. 15%). Your professors have a worldview and they will try to impose it on you. I am amazed at how many students have their belief system rocked when a professor questions the Bible, Jesus, or the evidence for creation. One of the best things you can do is to go into the university with your eyes wide open for intellectual challenges. Expect them! One of the great things about Christianity is that there are answers to tough questions. Let me say it again so it sinks in—there are answers to tough questions. There are brilliant Christian scholars providing thoughtful answers to the toughest questions your professors will raise. If you really want to find an answer you can find it. Many young people don’t want to do the work so they simply adopt the views of their professors and end up walking away from their faith. — Sean McDowell (from, An Open Letter to Graduates: Part 2)