How studying Hawking’s Big Bang led me to God

by Dr. Hugh Ross

I didn’t grow up in a Christian environment. I was born, raised and educated in Canada, which is a largely secular country. My parents were moral, but we only attended church a few times. I got into astronomy when I was aged seven, trying to figure out why the stars are hot, and from the age of eight onwards I knew astrophysics would be my future career.

I’d study a particular discipline every year in some depth. Aged 16 I looked at cosmology – the emergence and structure of the universe – and that’s when I realised the evidence was heavily favouring ‘Big Bang’ cosmology, in which the universe has a beginning; therefore there must be a beginner.

So from the age of 16 onwards I did not doubt the existence of God, but I was still sceptical. If there was a God that created this vast universe, would it communicate to these beings on a small speck we call Planet Earth? But, for the sake of intellectual honesty, I went through the holy books of religions of the world.

I came to recognise that there was only one that was accurately, consistently, predicting future science and future history. And so, at age 19, I signed my name in the back of a Gideon Bible, committing my life to Christ. It took another eight years before I met Christians for the first time, when I arrived on the campus of Caltech university in California where I was engaged in astrophysics research.

I was studying at the time when scientists in Britain (such as Stephen Hawking) were developing the first of the space-time theorems. These state that the entire universe is traceable back to an actual beginning of space and time, with a causal agent beyond space and time which brings this universe into existence…

How studying Hawking’s Big Bang led me to God | Premier Christianity