Those of us who are committed to making the case for Christianity recognize the challenge of guiding the Church toward better answers and a more thoughtful, reasonable faith. It’s going to be a big job. In fact, it’s going to take a team. No one knows this better than Greg West, the creator of The Poached Egg. Everyone who’s anyone in the world of Christian apologetics calls Greg a friend, and he’s become a team leader of sorts in our effort to change the direction of the church. If you haven’t visited The Poached Egg, let me encourage you to do so. Greg has created a unique resource and an important platform for those of us who want to contribute as Case Makers…I’m encouraged to see The Poached Egg continue to flourish and grow; it’s a sign our team is becoming more influential and prominent. In the years to come, I bet many of us will look back a Greg’s work and appreciate the role Greg has played in our development as Christian Case Makers. It’s time for all of us to get in the game and start refining our understanding of the evidence and our ability to reiterate the evidence to the culture. If we’re going to change the direction of the Church, it’s going to take a team. Thanks, Greg, for being a team leader! — J Warner Wallace (from, It Takes a Team to Change the Church)