Mission Impossible: From the BioLogos Files

by David Klinghoffer

The mission of theistic evolution (TE) sometimes seems to be to do the impossible. The type of evolution TE proponents must really struggle to reconcile with their faith is not mere change over time or even universal common descent, but the Darwinian version of evolution that neither expects nor permits finding any objective evidence of design in biology.

The staff at BioLogos are best known for their efforts to promote Darwinian theory to Evangelical Christians. In a way, they win my admiration for even trying. But you can’t be surprised that the nature of the quest results in strange convolutions — as, for example, when they write to their supporters and other interested observers of the public discussion. I don’t seem to be on the right email lists for the group, but our colleague Steve Meyer passes along a couple of gems that he received.

One implores, “Meet the Mantis Shrimp, Stephen!” Under a charming and beautiful photo of the creature, BioLogos president Deborah Haarsma provides a wonderful description of the mantis shrimp with its “sixteen types of color-receptive cones, allowing them to see ultraviolet wavelengths invisible to us.” She asks:

Stephen, do you see God’s glory in this amazing creature?

Any theist who’s also an advocate of intelligent design unsurprisingly sees “God’s glory” reflected in nature. Meyer replied to the email, “Yes, I do. It looks like it displays evidence of His extremely intelligent design. What say you folks about that?”

Another email from BioLogos on “The Jewel-Feathered Micro-Dinosaur” asks Dr. Meyer, “Did you know this about the hummingbird, Stephen?” The email is signed by evolutionary biologist Sarah Bodbyl Roels. She winds up to this…


Mission Impossible: From the BioLogos Files