Thanks to all those who have given so far, the ‘Save the Egg’ campaign is currently the top trending campaign at! I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity both from our readers and also from many in the apologetics community. As of this writing, 37 donors have given $3,982 which is 27% of our goal of $15,000.

Some of you might be wondering, “Why do you need $15,000? That seems like a lot to run a website.” Well, you would be right, $15k is a lot to ask, but here’s what $15k is for. For the past several years I’ve been paid a modest salary with our partner, Ratio Christi, with donations I’ve raised through the website going toward that salary. Now that I’ve made the difficult decision to leave RC, that salary will no longer be available to me. The $15k I hope to raise will sustain me financially for roughly six months, while I keep TPE going and seek more permanent funding.

Running TPE is a full time job, and I’m working hard on making it even better with a complete redesign and reboot on another platform. The new site will be better than ever and more functional and accessible to everyone, which I hope will lead to expanding its reach.

Can you please take a moment to visit my GiveSendGo campaign page (here)? There you can read my short testimony and why I started TPE. While you’re there I hope you will prayerfully consider helping to keep the momentum of the campaign going by making a contribution of any amount. Right now, the average gift is over $100, but you don’t need to make a gift that large to make a difference. A lot of people giving a little can have just as big if not bigger impact. Thank you all so much for your support during this transition time.

Yours In Christ,

Greg West
The Poached Egg Founder/Editor