Why Skeptics Struggle with God Allowing Pain and Suffering

by Nate Sala

I suffer from myopia. This is a condition where my eyes can see objects that are close to me very clearly but objects that are further away are blurry. One of the things that I’ve realized is that I should never take my glasses off. Why? Because, when I do, I can get into all sorts of trouble.

When I was a kid I starred in a play at church about people in first century Israel. Before the performance the director asked me to remove my glasses. Since we had rehearsed the entire time with my glasses on, I was not prepared to take them off. As a matter of fact, it made me nervous to do so. Later that evening, when I had to walk across the stage, I tripped over the sets as well as my own shoes because I couldn’t see past a few feet from my face. I wasn’t focused on what was beyond my limited vision.

A friend of mine who is an atheist once told me, “Why would a good God allow someone to just suffer and die? I can’t believe in a God like that!” He went on to describe a story about a child dying of cancer in the worst way imaginable, who suffered so much pain before passing away in his parents’ arms. To hear stories like that, to watch loved ones go through that, and to go through it ourselves is absolutely heartbreaking! And for a lot of people it’s very compelling to doubt God in the face of suffering.

But here’s where atheists and skeptics make a huge mistake. They can’t see past a few feet from their lifetime…

Why Skeptics Struggle with God Allowing Pain and Suffering