I can recall my own journey of faith, coming from a Muslim background.  I thought Islam was true, but when I was faced with the truth of the gospel, I resisted because my preference and comfort in being a Muslim was at stake.  In other words, though truth mattered to me and I believed there was an objective truth, my preferences mattered more.  So I understand just how easy it can be to not even realize that we’ve abandoned truth for the sake of our preferences.  It’s an all too human thing to do.  In fact, our original parents—Adam and Eve—were post-truth people.  They walked and talked with God in the cool of the day, they personally encountered the literal truth incarnate.  And that truth was that they were made to be with God in relationship.  But their preferences were to be God, not be with God.  They succumbed to that preference and rejected the truth. — Abdu Murray (from, How Do We Save Truth?)