My Testimony: How Atheism Saved me and Why I Care so Much About the Truth

I was raised in a Christian home. I had the benefit of being raised by a Dad who was passionate about Christ, and about church attendance and creation. My Dad was always showing me interesting stuff from John Mackay the creation guy.

I stopped attending church shortly after high school, spent the first half of my twenties partying, drinking, hooking up, etc.

There are few moments in my life that I know for certain dramatically and instantly changed my life in some really unexpected way.

The first was an ordinary afternoon, catching the train home from the local skatepark.

I met a girl, got her number, and she eventually became my first serious girlfriend.

If it wasn’t for that moment, I most likely would not have ended up spending most the rest of my life since living and spending time in and around Brisbane city. I definitely wouldn’t have met at least two of the best friends I’ve ever had (R.I.P. Ricky Blinko) and all of the innumerable results of all of this.

She was at least partly responsible for motivating me to transition from a completely irresponsible teenager on a skateboard, to a slightly less irresponsible young adult with a steady job and a driver’s license.

The second was the night I totalled my car and broke every bone in my face (but no others!).

Besides the facial reconstructive surgery and a month of two of spaghetti and meatball smoothies, a lot of things happened following this period that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Slightly more detailed version of the accident story: I had lost my driver’s license for six months on account of being a ‘slightly less irresponsible young adult’. The day I got it back I was on my way to a friend’s house to celebrate and didn’t get there. I fell asleep behind the wheel, ran head first into a ditch and ended up bruised, broken, and living back at my old man’s house. Which was not where I had planned to be after getting my license back.

If it wasn’t for that car accident I probably wouldn’t have become anywhere near as close as I did with my other two best friends. I wouldn’t have learned, and been surprised by who my real friends turned out to be (at least, that’s the way it felt at the time). I wouldn’t have ended up chatting away on social media and been set up on a blind date with my other serious pre-Christian relationship. It wouldn’t have led to a long list of other small details that all steered me, inevitably, towards the third and most dramatic event of all.

The night everything changed.

I’ll never forget it…


My Testimony: How Atheism Saved me and Why I Care so Much About the Truth