Top 100 ‘Christian’ Blogs: We’re #33, Bart Ehrman is #29

by Greg West

In my post, Do We Really Need ‘Internet Missionaries’?, I quoted Josh McDowell as having said, “Every pastor, youth pastor, and every parent is in competition with the Internet and the information it is spreading.” I personally know a few former professing Christians who cited something they saw or read on the internet that caused the to doubt the truth claims of Christianity.

Case in point: several weeks ago I received an e-mail from a young woman who wrote that although she’d been a Christian almost her whole life, she had been reading some things by biblical scholar and skeptic Bart Ehrman (you can read his bio here) and that she had began to doubt if Christianity was true. My reply to her included a link to the many resources we have on Bart Ehrman and encouraged her to read them, think critically about it, and to pray. About a week later, she replied to thank me for the resources and to inform me that she had decided to stay the course and follow Jesus.

That is but one example of the many similar e-mails I receive from believers who are struggling with doubt. The internet was still in its infancy when I decided to reject Christianity in my early twenties due to having many doubts that it was true, but if the kind of resources that I point readers to via The Poached Egg (TPE) were as available and accessible as they are today, I would have doubted my doubts and looked into things a little more carefully before making that rash decision. It wasn’t until many years later that I seriously began to consider and look into the truth-claims of Christianity and finally recommit to following Christ. The negative side to the information that’s available today via the internet, is that the skeptics and critics of Christianity are using it to make their objections louder than ever, and to a bigger audience than ever before.

I don’t know the process of how these are ranked, but one website recently published the list: Top 100 Christian Blogs on Jesus Christ, Bible & 33-The Poached EggChristianity in 2018. There are some great websites and organizations on the list, on which I’m thrilled to have ranked at all, let alone at number thirty-three. But, if you take a look at the list, you’ll see that Bart Ehrman’s blog is ranked at number twenty-nine, and if you don’t know or didn’t read his bio, Ehrman is one of today’s leading skeptics of Christianity. I’m not at all against people reading Ehrman at all, in fact I encourage believers to educate themselves on the argument against Christianity, but if one didn’t know about the many reasonable responses, rebuttals, and refutations of Ehrman’s claims that are available, his arguments might sound pretty good and convincing, and His books and website are merely a tiny tiny fraction of what’s out there gunning for your kids and mine.

When I started TPE just eight short years ago, there wasn’t near the amount of apologetics and worldview training resources that there are today, but if you don’t know where to look or exactly what it is you’re looking for, one is just as likely to stumble across misinformation as they are the truth. That’s what I do hear at TPE, I help point people to all the great resources that are out there that can help Christians learn and how to train each other to be more confident disciples and educated ambassadors for Christ. It’s also why I’m asking for your prayerful and financial support to help keep this ministry going. As of now we’ve reached 41% percent of the goal of $15,000, which will sustain me for roughly the next six-months while I seek more permanent means of funding and support. Will you please prayerfully consider giving today?

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