4 reasons why we need apologetics

By Jack Wilkie

One of the most challenging areas of study for the Christian is that of apologetics, or Christian evidences. Because the information can get pretty deep in a hurry, it’s tempting to make the assumption that the study of apologetics is only for preachers and people in academic settings. The truth is, though, your Christian faith is being bombarded every single day. You are likely surrounded by people every day who don’t share your beliefs about God or the Bible, and many of them have their arguments lined up as to why. It’s vitally important that we as Christians ground ourselves in apologetics. Here are four reasons why.

It’s a different world

There was a time when the majority of people in America held at least a somewhat similar foundation of beliefs. They believed in absolute truth, in God, and often in the Bible. That’s just not the case anymore. It’s hard to start in on the plan of salvation with someone who doesn’t believe God exists. In order to reach people, we have to be able to draw a path from where they are to a place where we can begin to discuss God. That’s why we need to learn apologetics.


I will make this stipulation to the last point – simply winning apologetics debates in an era of skepticism won’t convert folks. For most people, the head follows the heart. Many have to want Christianity to be true before they will accept that it is. It’s for this reason that Jesus said our unity and love for each other would be what shows the world that He is from God and that we are His (John 13:34-35, 17:20-23). Once we have their hearts, though, that’s when we need to be able to give answers to the difficult questions that may still give people pause. If at that point we don’t understand the evidences for God and His Word, we will be little help to them…


4 reasons why we need apologetics