5 Tips From the Early Church Fathers

By Misty Callahan

Coming up on the one year anniversary of writing for A Clear Lens, I have to admit that I’m still humbled that so many are still reading and sharing my very first piece: “The First Apologists and Why They Still Matter.” In it, I detail the similarities between the obstacles they faced, with the obstacles of today.

My first big introduction to the works of the first church fathers was in “Testimonies” by Rev. Thomas Browne, MA. It was an awesome look into the lives of our spiritual forefathers. Ever since then, I’ve been devouring anything I can get my hands on regarding the early church.

Here are five things I’ve learned from reading the works of the early church fathers.

Get Plugged Into a Biblical Church

First and foremost as apologists, we must get plugged into a biblical church. All of the early Church fathers and apologists were active in a local body as either a bishop or a presbyter. That’s not to say that we need to become bishops ourselves, but it is absolutely vital that we have a strong Christian family who can both walk beside us and encourage us in our apologetics, as well as hold us accountable if we make a misstep.

Let’s face it: we’re only human. The only perfect person who ever walked the earth was Jesus and we’re not him! We are bound to make mistakes. We might get a fact wrong or, regretfully, may engage in “theological error”. Therefore, we must be active in a local church body. Consult with elders in your church. Tell them about what you’re doing and ask to be held accountable for your actions both online and elsewhere…


5 Tips From the Early Church Fathers