In a recent debate I listened to between two scientists, one an atheist and one a Christian, each was asked what evidence it would take to change their mind about whether or not their worldview is correct. The Christian listed a number of discoveries that would cause him to denounce what he currently believes about Jesus and the Bible while the atheist said that nothing could be discovered that would change his mind. For more than an hour the atheist had argued that science is superior to religion because scientists will follow the evidence where it leads and scientific ideas can change with new discoveries while religious dogma does not change. But then, ironically, that same person admitted that he was not really willing to follow the evidence where it led and that despite his grand rhetoric, he was entrenched in philosophical dogma regardless of the actual evidence. In contrast, we as Christians are not bound to any dogma, but are willing to follow all evidence to its natural conclusion. If what we believe is true and the Christian God is a god of truth then the evidence from science, history, philosophy, or whatever will ultimately lead to that God and agree with his written revelation. If it is shown that the biblical God is not the one true God, then Christians like myself would be happy to abandon a false belief. — Dr. Michael G. Strauss (from, Scientific Predictions and the Bible: What to Expect)