Four Quick Answers to the BIG 4 Objections

by Rob Lundberg

In just a few weeks, I will be addressing students at an Apologetics Boot Camp on some of the most popular questions challenging the faith.  In this post I am reminded of recent conversations with church members and family members of church members who have questions about truth, and other issues on the Christian faith (God’s existence, the Bible and the resurrection of Jesus). These are the biggies, if you will and what I would like to give short popcorn responses in this post.  There are four questions or objections that are quite popular.

The answers to these topics affect one’s faith in one way or another, and are what I call the BIG FOUR:

1) the matter of whether or not truth is absolute or relative;

2) God’s existence;

3) Biblical authority; and

4) the credibility and historicity of Jesus’ resurrection.

In this post I would like to provide for you some quick responses so that you can keep them at your fingertips or in a folder and refer back to them when you need them.  Also I pray that what is provided here, will put you in a mode, and hopefully energize you to research and reinforce these answers and make them personal in your own articulation of the truthfulness of the Christian faith…


Four Quick Answers to the BIG 4 Objections