How the 12 Disciples Died Validates Christianity

by Truth is Free

Most people know that Jesus had a group of disciples traveling with him during his ministry. However, most are unaware of how these followers eventually died. Perhaps we will discover that how the 12 disciples died validates Christianity.

The style and manner of the twelve apostles’ deaths really helps us gain insight and perspective. These death accounts provide us a glimpse into the state of the times and the people under Rome. How the 12 disciples died also indicates the powerful and unwavering loyalty they had for Jesus Christ.

These death accounts are accumulated from a wide spectrum of sources. Reports of how the 12 disciples died come from sources like the New Testament, apocryphal texts, as well as various legends and stories. This eclectic range of references provides more credibility for the historical accuracy of these accounts. After all, the more sources you have from differing origins, the more persuasive the evidence is.

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How the 12 Disciples Died

1) How Apostle Simon Peter died: Crucified upside down

Originally called Peter but later renamed, Simon would be eventually appointed by Jesus Christ as the head disciple. Previously a fisherman in Bethsaida, he became a “fisher of men” after being the first apostle chosen by Jesus. Apostle Simon Peter was eventually sentenced to death by Rome under the emperor Nero.

Simon died between 33-34 years after the death of Jesus, around 66 AD. According to the records, Simon Peter died from upside down crucifixion. Simon Peter allegedly asked to be crucified upside down so that his death would not detract from Christ’s ultimate sacrifice…


How the 12 Disciples Died Validates Christianity