Objective Beauty & the Existence of God

by Tim Stratton

Recall the most beautiful landscape you have ever witnessed. Think about how you felt a need to take an extra moment (or several) to stare at the scene as to sear it into your memory — almost as if it were the right thing to do. Does it not seem wrong to ignore such magnificence?

In a recent Reasonable Faith podcast, William Lane Craig was asked if it is possible to argue for the existence of God based on objective beauty in such a way that would be similar to one of my favorite arguments — the argument from objective morality. Craig responded by saying that he “hopes so,” and would like to see someone make the argument that God grounds objective aesthetic values. However, he added that he is not sure how such a syllogism would be formulated.

I took Craig’s remarks as a friendly challenge. And after recently spending time on beaches in California, Miami, and the Virgin Islands, as well as spending several days in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado (not to mention viewing many sensational summer sunsets over the plains in Nebraska), I have been thinking about God’s creation and how to properly enjoy it quite often. Indeed, it seems that after simply dwelling on the beauty found in nature, it should lead one to believe in God…


Objective Beauty & the Existence of God