Out of the Nest and Off to College: A Time for Exploration

By Steven Reep

College may be one of the most anticipated times for young Americans and one of the most nostalgic times for American adults. It is often referred to as “a time for exploration.” It’s a time for students to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives; what they like, what they believe is the truth, and who they are. It is the beginning of a young adult’s independence. This can be scary to parents who have raised their children to be good Christians because it is common for children who were raised Christian to go off to college and return atheists or skeptics. Christians believe that truth and one’s true identity is found in Christ, but for college students, there are many roadblocks on this journey. The college party culture and philosophies of atheist professors detour young adults from finding the truth, but love and reason can help guide students back onto the right path.

Distractions of Drugs and Debauchery. In pop culture and media today, college is no longer represented by a scholar with a diploma, but by a frat house with a prescription for glaucoma.1 The party culture of college is taking over and is distracting many from their search for identity and truth. The problem is simple: drugs and alcohol feel good, and sex feels better. Why should students search for more when these new and exciting things bring them such immediate pleasure?

Sharing Hope. To answer this question, we must remember why we, as Christians, wish for college students to come to Christ and accept Christianity. We ought to evangelize out of love and the example of Jesus. God came down to earth to show us how to live the best life possible through Jesus. It was not out of power, but out of love. It was not to limit our lives, but to better them…


Out of the Nest and Off to College: A Time for Exploration