The Bible Isn’t Answering Your Questions

by Timothy Massaro

The Bible can be hard to navigate.

Let’s face it. The Bible is a big book with lots of strange stories and images. It is sometimes difficult to know what anyone should take away from it. Let’s not forget how hard it can be to read for non-Christians and new believers. Even Christians struggle with this, especially reading through obscure Old Testament genealogies and ritual laws for cleansing. The underlying logic seems to escape us. The Bible is strange and that’s because the God of the Bible is strange.

God proclaims himself to our hearts and our senses in nature. Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens proclaim the glory of God; the sky above declares His handiwork.” And yet, there is something nature cannot tell us. What the Bible is telling us about is something we could not know otherwise, namely, God’s redemption that he has accomplished in real history. The Bible itself helps us understand what God is communicating to us and how it applies to us.

The Bible is not a random collection of stories, parables, or pieces of ancient mystical wisdom. The Word of God comes to us through specific people, times, and places. This revelation of God is inseparable from his saving mission, and the mission he has for his people—for you and for me. It is from seeing what he is doing that we get a picture of how we are to receive his gifts and respond…


The Bible Isn’t Answering Your Questions