What I Wish I Knew Sixteen Years Ago About Sharing The Good News With Mormons

by Claudia Kalmikov

For sixteen years, John and I were neighbors and friends with the nicest Mormon family who lived across the street from us. We knew their beliefs were different than ours, and that they define Christian words differently than we do, but considering we hadn’t completed our Masters In Apologetics at that time, we felt that we didn’t know enough about their beliefs to know how to talk to them. Nor did we realize that there are many different approaches one can use when sharing the gospel with Mormons, and that we didn’t need a degree to do so. Two years ago they moved, and I felt defeated. This book is the book I wish I had read all those years ago.

Eric Johnson and Sean McDowell’s new book, Sharing the Good News With Mormons is, as the Harvest House Publisher, Terry Glaspey calls it, a “tactical toolbox” for any Christian who needs help in sharing the Gospel with any Mormon. Eric Johnson says it’s an “evangelistic smorgasbord,” because you can “nibble on some of the ideas and see if an approach fits your taste.” Since everyone has different personalities, and that means we all will have a different approach that works for us, and since most of us use at least one of these six approaches when trying to decide what to believe and why we should believe it, Johnson and McDowell have compiled tactics from various different authors who have shared the many different ways they have shared the Good News with Mormons in six different approaches. So you don’t necessarily have to read the book all the way through. Just read the chapters that appeal to your personality and communication skills.

The six different approaches are offered by authors such as Mark Mittelberg, Sean McDowell, Brett Kunkle, J Warner Wallace, Corey Miller and so many others. Many of the authors are either former Mormons, or they are experts in talking to Mormons…


What I Wish I Knew Sixteen Years Ago About Sharing The Good News With Mormons