What Is Truth? A Christian Perspective

by Todd Clay

What is truth, how it’s anchored in God, why we expect truth, and why we don’t want truth (sometimes).

Short Answer:True is that which conforms with fact or reality. Truth is not determined by personal feelings, popular vote, scientific consensus, or any human court of appeal. Truth simply is what is and is anchored in the God who created and sustains the universe.

Long Answer: What is truth? People have been asking that question a long time. Just before the Roman governor Pontius Pilate sentenced Jesus of Nazareth to death in 1st century Judea, he cynically asked the Christ, “what is truth?” (John 18:38). And just like many today, Pilate didn’t wait around for the answer.

In a world that’s awash in news, fake news, so-called “fake news”, and misinformation, truth can be difficult to locate. We know politicians lie to make a point, journalists lie about imagined experiences, and our parents even lie about Santa Claus. We’ve even create verbiage to hide our dishonesty so that it seems moral (ex. “white lies”).

No wonder we’re all skeptics!

Truth is hard to find these days. But in the Christian tradition truth is of paramount importance. Because truth is a reflection of God. That’s why I want to define truth, determine its origins, why we expect it, why we often don’t want it…


What Is Truth? A Christian Perspective