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Kindle Deals in Christian Apologetics: Greg’s Top Ten Picks of the Week!

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsEvidence That Demands a Verdict: Life-Changing Truth for a Skeptical World by Josh McDowell & Sean McDowell $3.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsWHAT IS MAN?: Adam, Alien or Ape? by Dr. Edgar Andrews $3.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsA Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World by John Stonestreet & Brett Kunkle $2.39

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsThe Creator Revealed: A Physicist Examines the Big Bang and the Bible by Michael G. Strauss PhD $3.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsSaving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, and Meaning by Nancy Pearcey $2.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsFinding Truth: 5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, & Other God Substitutes by Nancy Pearcey $0.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsDefending Inerrancy: Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation by Norman Geisler $1.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsPaul Meets Muhammad: A Christian-Muslim Debate on the Resurrection by Michael Licona $1.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsRelativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air by Francis J. Beckwith &Gregory Koukl $1.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsWho Is Jesus?: Linking the Historical Jesus with the Christ of Faith by Darrell L Bock $0.99