Apologetics Hit and MiscSix Things Evolution Doesn’t Explain

Apologetics Hit and MiscLetter to An Aspiring Christian Apologist

Apologetics Hit and MiscWhat are the Dead Sea Scrolls and why are they important?

Apologetics Hit and Misc7 Common Myths about Old-Earth Creationism

Apologetics Hit and Misc5 Reasons I Write About the Jesus Myth

Apologetics Hit and MiscFaitheism: Why can’t atheists and Christians get along?

Apologetics Hit and MiscHow the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation falsified atheism

Apologetics Hit and MiscWhy People Stop Believing

Apologetics Hit and MiscWitnessing to the Messianic Fulfillment of the Day of Atonement

Apologetics Hit and MiscWhat Does It Mean to Be a Christian, Really?

Apologetics Hit and MiscAnswering Atheist Objections

Apologetics Hit and MiscHow can I evangelize my friends and family without pushing them away?

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