Apologetics Hit and MiscWhen We Spend More Time Arguing About How to Make the Case than We Spend Making the Case

Apologetics Hit and MiscChristian Case Making Can Change the Way You Think About Your Purpose

Apologetics Hit and MiscThe Philosophical Package Deal of Atheism

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Apologetics Hit and Misc43 Important Philosophical Doctrines Christians Need To Know

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Apologetics Hit and MiscApologetics for Parents: The Why, What, and How of Teaching Kids Apologetics at Home

Apologetics Hit and MiscThe ‘Thinking Atheists’ Top Ten Creationist Arguments Debunked

Apologetics Hit and MiscTwenty good arguments for Christianity

Apologetics Hit and MiscThe Root of All Atheism

Apologetics Hit and Misc7 Books That Will Give You Unparalleled Confidence in the Bible

Apologetics Hit and MiscThe Name of Yahweh and the Angel of the Lord

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