Apologetics Hit and MiscApologetics Training – Advice to Christian Apologists

Apologetics Hit and MiscFaith, Fact, and False Dichotomies 

Apologetics Hit and MiscWomen in Apologetics: An Interview with Sheryl Young

Apologetics Hit and MiscCreation or Evolution?

Apologetics Hit and Misc1 Corinthians 15: the earliest source for the basic facts about the life of Jesus

Apologetics Hit and MiscWhat is the best evidence or argument for intelligent design?

Apologetics Hit and MiscThe Big Thing About the Big Bang

Apologetics Hit and Misc7 Reasons the Old Testament is Divine

Apologetics Hit and MiscReinventing How We Talk about God

Apologetics Hit and MiscDo People Change Their Minds about Abortion?

Apologetics Hit and MiscRefuted: Five Alleged Bible Contradictions Concerning Judas

Apologetics Hit and MiscGeologic Proof of Bible: OT earthquake

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