Another “best” argument from atheists

by Robert Bently

As a Christian apologist, if I may presume to be one, I would feel slack in my duty to God if I only answered the easiest arguments skeptics make rather than the most difficult ones. Over the years, I’ve responded to many “best arguments for atheism” articles I’ve found on the web. It’s been my experience, though, that none of them are very good. Indeed, many can’t even stand against their own criticism. For example, Carl Sagan is quoted as saying, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Of course, Sagan didn’t present a shred of evidence to support this claim! What a riot. //RKBentley chuckles//

Anyway, I recently came across still another article titled, 3 Famous Atheists & Their Best Arguments. As I clicked on the link, I went through my usual cycle of emotions: curiosity, hopefulness, disappointment, and finally, determination to at least find something in the article worth blogging about.

Most of the arguments in the article have been addressed on my blog already. Perhaps those really are the best arguments for atheism because I’ve heard them repeated so many times. In fact, it would probably be a good idea to write more about them because they are certainly arguments Christians will hear often. Regardless, there was one point raised in the article that I don’t believe I have written about. It’s certainly not an original argument, but it’s been raised often enough that I’m rather embarrassed that I haven’t addressed it before now. So let me remedy that today…

Another “best” argument from atheists