How Do You Define Truth?

Christian Defenders

In our post truth culture amid fake news it is a real challenge to talk to others about the truth because people have changed it’s original meaning. It’s not easy to compete with ideas that are false and are being disguised as being the real truth. Additionally, younger generations have manufactured the term real or true freedom as it relates to their truth. Their intention is to mean that only when all boundaries and rules are removed then that is when we can live in total freedom. Are these younger generations correct in postulating such a statement? In the following paragraphs I intend to show why they are wrong in thinking this way, how can we define truth, and solutions to get us on the same page.

It was Pointus Pilate who said it best, “what is truth?” (John 18:38). According to MacMillian’s legal thesaurus the word truth is akin to “accuracy, actuality, authenticity, candor, conformity to fact, correctness, exactness, fact, genuineness, honesty, integrity, precision, probity, realism, reality, right, sincerity, and veracity”. If we trust widely accepted reference materials are correct in defining words it is unjust to change the definition of a word like truth just because it doesn’t conform to our feelings. Further, truth can be summed up to be defined as a statement that ‘corresponds to reality’. We must follow the evidence and see where it takes us.
For example…

How Do You Define Truth?