3 Reasons We Need More Women in Apologetics

by Haden Clark

I recently interviewed Lisa Quintana on my podcast. Lisa is a Christian apologist who works with an organization called Women in Apologetics. During our discussion Lisa listed three reasons that we need more women in apologetics.

A Different Approach

The Bible says that God created male and female in His image. The different sexes compliment each other, one needs the other.

It also isn’t hard to see that male and female, though they share a common nature, have their own unique nature. There is something particular about masculinity, as well as, femininity. What makes us different should be celebrated and valued.

Lisa pointed out to me that, generally speaking, women tend to be more grace-oriented and relationship-driven in their approach to apologetics, where as men tend towards the abstract in their approach to apologetics. I thought this was a fair assessment, on average.

Men have something to learn in this regard. If the aim of apologetics isn’t to win an argument, but to win a person (and it is), then men should learn to be more relational in their approach. Undoubtedly, being familiar with the more abstract concepts and arguments is important, but ultimately we seek to win a person, and this is best done by loving them. Our sisters in Christ, by way of their very nature, have much to teach us in this regard…

3 Reasons We Need More Women in Apologetics