Apologetics: The Vest That Stops Bullets

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Detective J. Warner Wallace for episode two of my podcast. In the episode, we talked about detective stories, his conversion from atheism to Christianity, and the reliability of the Gospels.

One portion of the podcast that stuck out to me involved a detective story that illustrates the difference between believing that something is true, and believing in something.

Detective Wallace recalled an officer-involved shooting (OIS). As a homicide detective, it was his job to investigate OIS’s. The officer involved (who lived, by the way) had pulled over a driver he suspected was drunk, but this routine stop was about to take a turn.

The man driving the vehicle, unknown to the officer, had actually just been released from prison; he was on parole. Tucked in his waste-band, also unknown to the officer, was an illegally-owned firearm.

At this time, in southern California, a parolee caught with possession of a firearm would immediately return to prison with a year sentence. As the parolee exited the vehicle at the request of the officer, he had a decision to make. He would surely be patted-down in a matter of seconds and the officer would find the gun, and he would be headed back to prison where he was just released. His only other option was to use the gun, and that’s what he did.

The officer asked the parolee to turn around and face the car, so that he could check him for weapons. As the parolee turned his back to the officer, he pulled the gun and pointed it at the officer’s chest. Time frozeā€¦

Apologetics: The Vest That Stops Bullets