Can Christians Be MEGA SURE of God’s Existence – Part 2

by Nat Crawford

In the last blog, we asked the question “Why is there something rather than nothing.” Many atheists would say it just is. It’s a brute fact. Christians say, “God” is the reason there is something rather than nothing. Regardless of the answer as to why there is something (us, the earth, the universe), we all should ask the question “is our answer reasonable?”

As I just stated Christians claim God is the reason there is something. Last week began to laid out 1 of 2 lines of evidence that show Christians can be MEGA SURE that God exists. We looked at the acronym MEGA to provide scientific rationale for our belief in God. In this blog, I will look at how we can be SURE in our second line of evidence.

The second line of evidence for God’s existence is called the Cosmological argument. Simply put, the cosmological argument is the argument for causation. In other words, every effect must have a cause.Professor and apologist, William Lane Craig has championed this defense in three parts:

1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.

2. The universe began to exist.

3. Therefore the universe has a cause.

Let’s look briefly at each premise of the cosmological argument. Premise 1 is whatever begins to exist has a cause. That’s a no brainer. You are here today not by chance. You didn’t just appear in your seats out of nowhere. No, you are here in existence because your mom and dad engaged in a cause and effect equation. The device you are using to read this blog did not just pop into existence. Someone created it and you purchased it.

When you want a pizza, do you simply wait for one to appear out of thin air or do you call the pizza guy? You call the pizza guy because created things don’t just come into existence out of nothing. If things randomly came into existence out of nothing, we’d see hippos, Jeeps, pizzas and other created things just appear. But this never happens. So premise 1 is solid. Whatever begins to exist has a cause…

Can Christians Be MEGA SURE of God’s Existence – Part 2