Can Christians Be MEGA SURE of God’s Existence?

by Nat Crawford

Why is there something rather than nothing? Have you ever considered this question? Why is there something rather than nothing? Why are we here? Why is the earth here? Why is the universe here? Why is there something rather than nothing. Every world view has to answer these questions. Not just the Christian. Not just the theist, but the pantheist, the polytheist, the agnostic, and the atheist. We all must try to determine why there is something rather than nothing. Once one gives an answer, they need to answer one more question: is my conclusion the most reasonable answer.

Atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell who said that “The universe is just there, and that’s all”. In other words, it just exists. It always had. It’s a brute fact. Is this reasonable?

As Christians we would say “God” is the answer. But is that the most reasonable answer. Some would say, it doesn’t matter. It’s a matter of faith.

But I ask you, is such a blind faith badge of honor for us as Christians? There was a time where it may have been, but today I say “no.” Christian philosopher JP Moreland said, “In Scripture, faith involves placing trust in what you have reason to believe is true. Faith is not a blind, irrational leap into the dark. So faith and reason cooperate on a biblical view of faith. They are not intrinsically hostile.”

Isaiah 1:18 says “Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord” The word “reason” is the Hebrew word that means to judge or decide. Warren Wiersbe describes it as a decision or judgement made in court. It’s the process of examining evidence in order to make a right determination. God here is appealing to human reason. This ability to reason allows us to research and see God’s existence, His goodness, the reality of Christ’s resurrection, and the existence of a good God in a world with evil.

So now it’s time to reason and to engage our brains. Between this blog and the next, we will tackle a huge question:  “Does God Exist?” “If so, how can we be sure?” We will look at two reasons for God’s existence. And I’m convinced that you will be MEGA SURE of His existence.

The first line of evidence is the Teleological Argument for God’s Existence…

Can Christians Be MEGA SURE of God’s Existence?