Historical Errors in the Koran and Inconsistencies with the Bible

by Arthur Khachatryan

I have a few Muslim friends. In many ways, I seem to have much more in common with their cultural and ethical worldviews – the strong familial structure; strong traditions, and rich heritage; the basic outlook on life, than those of Western ancestry. And yet I disagree with the overarching Islamic worldview for numerous reasons, namely the historical errors in the Koran. Good people can disagree, and when their claims are mutually exclusive, only one of those people can be correct in his worldview. Many years ago, while still an agnostic, I considered whether or not Islam could be the correct worldview and reached the conclusion that the Bible is a far more reliable narrative and source of inspiration than the Koran. One of these reasons (certainly not the only one) is that the Qu’ran has quite a few historical errors. Here I will list just a few to provide leverage.

The Koran is Wrong About the Crucifixion of Jesus

With the exception of only a handful of fringe historians (we’re talking about one or two people here), based on the facts of history, virtually all secular historians agree that the Jesus of Nazareth spoken of in the Bible was a real person born in the 1st century AD who was crucified by the orders of Pontius Pilate between AD 30-33.

However, the most mainstream interpretation of the relevant verses of the Koran indicates that Jesus was not crucified and did not die…

Historical Errors in the Koran and Inconsistencies with the Bible