How the Trinity Helps Solve the Problem of Identity Politics

by Sean McDowell

Identity politics are all the rage today. While it has brought some needed insight to the unique experience of individuals, it also threatens to fracture our society. The doctrine of the trinity can help bring needed balance. Let me explain.

The first philosophical question people wrestled with is called the problem of the one and many: What accounts for both the unity and diversity in the world? As we reflect on reality, it is clear that we find both unity and difference. A team (unity) has many players (diversity). A tree has many branches. A company has many workers. And a body has many parts.

Christians find the solution to the problem of the one and the many in the character of God Himself. There is one God (unity) and three persons (diversity). The word “Trinity” is meant to capture the biblical teaching that there is one God who eternally exists as three persons. Unity and diversity in the world are a reflection of our Creator.

The motto of the U.S. is e pluribus unum, which means “Out of many, one.” The United States is one country (unity) that is made up of many states (diversity). It is one country with many citizens. Both unity and diversity are at the heart of the American experiment. If we lose sight of either our national unity or diversity, our country will fracture. This is what identity politics threatens to do…

How the Trinity Helps Solve the Problem of Identity Politics