“I Don’t Need Apologetics, I Evangelize With the Gospels!” Are You Sure About That?

by Sarah Malcangi

I don’t need to know apologetics, I evangelize with the Gospels. That is a common answer I get from Christians when I ask their opinion on using apologetics to reach unbelievers. As Christians we will be faced with an evangelism opportunity at multiple times in our lives. Therefore, it’s vital to know the gospel first and foremost, but it’s also important to reflect on why we are Christians so we are prepared in answering an unbeliever. What I’m about to say is probably not going to be your average Christian’s response. While my intent is not to tear down Christians who say this, I feel there are things that must be said to show the direct relationship between apologetics and evangelism.

First, we have to stop divorcing apologetics from evangelism, they go hand in hand. At some time during your Christian walk you will be faced with an unbeliever who does not think that the bible is an actual historical document. Do you know how you would respond to their objections?

It’s likely that they will reject any bible reference you make and will revert back to some sort of naturalism. Many Christians know that the bible is a verified, historical document filled with science, reason, prophecy, promises, and miracles. But many Christians still think that they don’t need to learn anything apologetic related. As I’ve said in prior posts, apologetics is not the art of apologizing for what you believe.

“The defense of the faith is not a luxury or intellectual vanity. It is a task appointed by God that you should be able to give a reason for the hope that is in you as you bear witness before the world.”  -R.C. Sproul

Not only do we need to know apologetic techniques, but when we evangelize we are already using apologetics as you aim to defend what you believe. If someone were to come up to you and say that your Christian belief is wrong and intolerant the appropriate response would be to respond in order to defend your choices and the faith. You wouldn’t just sit back and say nothing. We don’t just sit back when someone says that Christianity isn’t true because we were created to stand up for what is right.

We see examples of this in…

“I Don’t Need Apologetics, I Evangelize With the Gospels!” Are You Sure About That?