Michael Shermer Doubts the Resurrection, But Should You?

By Carey Bryant

Michael Shermer is a popular author, professor, scientist and atheist. In his article How Might a Scientist Think about the Resurrection? he gives several reasons why we should doubt Jesus’ resurrection. Allow me to respond to each one.

1. Other Religions Doubt the Resurrection

Shermer’s first reason is that “Jews and Muslims, along with the world’s other four billion religious people, do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus.”

This is an odd objection to me. Typically, if a Jew or a Muslim believed in the Resurrection, then they wouldn’t be a Jew or Muslim, but rather a Christian! However, there is one notable exception. Pinchas Lapide was a Jewish theologian who wrote, “I accept the resurrection of Easter Sunday not as an invention of the community of disciples, but as a historical event”–and yet he still remained Jewish.

With that said, why would people of other faiths be more likely to believe the Resurrection than the rest of the population? If anything, people with prior religious commitments may be harder to convince than those without them. In spite of this, people from other faiths do sometimes become Christians. For example, apologists Nabeel Qureshi and Abdu Murray were practicing Muslims before converting to Christianity…

Michael Shermer Doubts the Resurrection, But Should You?