Review of Forensic Faith for Kids

​by Meredith Curtis

God’s Timing was perfect. Forensic Faith For Kids from David C. Cook and Case Makers Academy came in the mail at just the right time. You see, we are studying apologetics in our homeschool co-op and one girl was interested in taking the course, but the reading was just too hard. I was so excited to tell her about the book and asked her if she wanted to read a chapter to see if she liked it.
She said down and read a chapter. And kept reading. She loved it!

When she left, she wanted to take it with her, but I told her I still had to review it myself.

A few days later, I sat down to review the book and couldn’t stop reading. It was enchanting, delightful, and engaging. Okay, I love mysteries whether cozy mysteries for grown-ups or easy reading mysteries for kids.
​I loved the people in the story. I love how they handled weaving in apologetics and I loved the little Corgi. Yes, I’m just a kid at heart. But, I’m also a pastor’s wife with a deep desire to see children walk confidently in their faith. Forensic Faith For Kids is a great way to teach children the whys behind their faith…

Alright, let me tell you a little about the book…

Review of Forensic Faith for Kids