The Meaning of Life: A Biblical Answer

by Todd Clay

How the world considers the meaning of life, contrasted with the Bible’s answer, and why it matters from a Christian perspective.

Short Answer

For the righteous, the meaning (or purpose) of life is to bring glory to God our creator and enjoy him forever through Jesus Christ. For the wicked, unbelievers will bring glory to God through judgment by being objects of his wrath for eternity.

Long Answer

What is the meaning of life?

In 1988, Hugh Moorhead, former chair of the Department of Philosophy from Northwestern University, asked hundreds of leading Western thinkers, commentators, and even comedians about the meaning of life. Moorhead published these one-liners and phrases from about 250 thinkers.

According to the Chicago Tribune, answers about the meaning of life were quite varied. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote, “Really, I don’t know what the meaning or purpose of life is, but it looks exactly as if something were meant by it.” Novelist Joseph Heller said he had no answers to the meaning of life “and no longer want to search for any.”

From the lofty aspirations of religious leaders to the nonsensical pronouncements of potheads, everyone has a take on the meaning of life. But it’s not that confusing from a Biblical perspective. We are not left to meander through life without a purpose.

In this post, I aim to review explore the significance of “meaning”, review some false but popular musings on the meaning of life, and finally cover how the Bible answers the perennial question on what is the meaning of life

The Meaning of Life: A Biblical Answer