The “Spiderman fallacy” argument against Christianity?

by Jim (‘Slim Jim’) Lee

There’s several approaches one can take in response to this meme.  The articles “Why?Outreach” linked in response to this meme is include “Does Spider-Man Really Exist?” and “Jesus and the Spiderman Fallacy.

I thought I chime in with my response.

1. The reasoning according to this meme is that just because something is written it does not mean it is true or that something exists because it is mention in writing.

2. However we must also remember that just because something is mentioned in a book that does not necessarily mean it is false either.

3. To demonstrate how absurd this meme is let us plug in another referent besides God:

Square Root Proof

4. As seen above, the force of the argument behind the meme is weaker than they first appear.

5. The second meme might provoke the response by some that a text book is different than a comic book.  This observation only highlight the weakness of the meme; specifically the problem with this meme is that it is rather shallow.  It is shallow in that the person behind the meme has failed to properly acknowledge the similarities and differences between the various genres/literary forms of various writings and books.  And like any shallow arguments and memes, it starts getting into trouble when we start examining the details more closely.

6. Of course if the skeptic thinks the Bible is the same thing as a comic book he or she has the burden of proof of demonstrating how they are the same literary genre.  That is, they have the burden of proof of showing how the two have same literary elements that make up a comic book…

The “Spiderman fallacy” argument against Christianity?