A Case for the Old Testament: How Did We Get These Books?

by Teri Dugan

Even if you are a skeptic, or you don’t believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, you have to admit that it is very intriguing to find an ancient document like this, the Old Testament in particular, surviving thousands of years with minimal damage to its reputation and content. There is no other book of antiquity that has this amazing longevity in popularity. The Bible is the best selling book of all time and since the invention of the printing press there have been over six billion copies sold (and growing)!

How did we get the books that make up the Old Testament of the Christian Bible?

(Note: CE for “Common Era” and BCE for “Before Common Era” have now replaced AD and BC in academic literature)

It is acknowledged by Biblical scholars that the Old Testament we have today is the same one that was being used by Jesus and the Jewish people of the first century AD/CE, at that time considered the sacred Hebrew Scriptures. But, how do we know the Old Testament, and the Genesis record in particular, is accurate? Moses wasn’t there to witness the Genesis account, although he is the one that records it along with the other four books of the Torah…

A Case for the Old Testament: How Did We Get These Books?