3 Things You May Not Know about C. S. Lewis

by Kenneth Samples

C. S. Lewis may have been the most important Christian thinker of the twentieth century. His modern classic Mere Christianity was the first Christian book I ever read back in my early college days. And that book played an important role in shaping my early faith and motivating my interest in Christian apologetics. I’ve gone on to read and reread many of Lewis’s remarkable works.

In May of 2018, I visited England as part of a Reasons to Believe (RTB) tour that involved visiting Oxford University as well as many of the sites connected to Lewis. I was pleased to have visited The Eagle and Child pub on the grounds of Oxford University where Lewis and his Inklings friends (J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, Owen Barfield, and Hugo Dyson, among others) met weekly to discuss the articles and books that they were writing. I also toured The Kilns, Lewis’s home for more than thirty years and the place where he wrote many of his best-selling books, including The Chronicles of Narnia. I was also honored to visit Lewis’s burial site on the grounds of Holy Trinity Church, which is just a short drive from Oxford University.

While traveling from London to Oxford on a bus I gave a talk about Lewis’s life and accomplishments to the RTB tour group. Here are three things I mentioned about Lewis that you may not have known, even if you are already familiar with his life and writings…

3 Things You May Not Know about C. S. Lewis