Fake News?: Why the “Biased Testimony” objection fails

No, the resurrection accounts in the Bible are not “fake news” because they are written by biased sources.

by Erik Manning

This is the age of fake news. Distrust of the media has never been higher. There aren’t all bad reasons for that. We’ve all seen the press skewing things to suit a political narrative. Both sides have been guilty.

It’s gotten so bad, you even have social media companies trying to combat fake news. Funny enough, they often reveal their own biases in the process. And to add to the irony, on those same platforms, we have the President constantly calling out certain members of the press for fake news!

So yeah. We got some trust issues. This is the cultural background we’re living in. In this age of hyper-awareness of bias, Christians have the audacity to say Jesus is alive and that we have historical evidence to prove it.

But these reports are from Christian sources. They’re not dispassionate, disinterested parties. They’re skewed in favor of their faith. Does this fact mean that the gospels are unreliable?

Bias doesn’t necessarily require distortion.

In fact, sometimes bias motivates someone to take special care with the truth…

Fake News?: Why the “Biased Testimony” objection fails