How Culture Has Changed Since The Release Of Evidence That Demands A Verdict

by Sean McDowell

In the late 1950s, my father Josh McDowell began his investigation of the Christian faith. He was challenged by some Christian college students to investigate historically the reliability of the Bible, the deity of Christ, and the resurrection of Jesus. Thinking these claims preposterous, he set out to collect the research refuting them. Surprised by the historical evidence for Christianity, my father became a Christian. A few years later, when he was traveling worldwide as a debater and speaker for Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as Cru), he decided to compile his research into the book Evidence That Demands a Verdict. The book was an instant success and has since sold millions of copies and been translated into dozens of languages worldwide.

As his son, the success of this book humbles me. I hardly can speak anywhere in the world without people sharing how Evidence either helped them keep their faith in college or brought them to faith in the first place. Many scholars today, such as William Lane Craig, credit Evidence as being formative in their own faith journey. My dad has written more than 150 books, but Evidence (and probably More than a Carpenter) is arguably his most significant work.

In fall 2017, we [released] a completely updated and revised version. It is still the classic format of Evidence (research notes that include lengthy quotes and context), but it contains more than 50 percent new content

How Culture Has Changed Since The Release Of Evidence That Demands A Verdict