Is the Bible Any More Accurate than Other Religious Texts?

by Steve DiSebastian

Though I’ve done some research on Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I have a basic understanding of other religions, I wouldn’t want to disrespect the people of these faiths by portraying their beliefs in shallow ways with my limited knowledge.  Since I’m constantly reading attacks on Christianity by people with strong opinions but poor understanding of my faith, I wouldn’t want to do the same.

That being said, let me point out some things I’ve found to be unique about Christianity and the New Testament (NT).  I’m not going to comment specifically about other faiths or their scriptures, but encourage you to research these things and compare and contrast them to other religions.

1. Style

Many other religions’ scriptures are simply sayings or teachings said or written by their founder, but the NT is unique in that it’s made up of histories and letters.

These men were chosen by Jesus to be his apostles and inspired by the Holy Spirit to write the Word of God.  Though they were certainly aware of the authority given to them by God and their writings were recognized by the first Christians as divinely inspired, these letters have a much different feel than if someone decided to sit down and simply draw up a religion’s manifesto.

The first Christians had experienced something incredible and were…

Is the Bible Any More Accurate than Other Religious Texts?